From the stone age to now, our tools have always been passive: we need to tell them exactly what to do. Even with our most recent devices, whether we are using our fingers on a touchscreen or our voice to talk to a smart speaker, we still need to guide tools so they can perform the tasks that we want. While technology becomes more advanced, it also gets more fragmented and cumbersome to use, adding time-consuming routines into our already busy daily lives.

With a truly innovative approach to human-machine interactions, our predictive artificial intelligence has the sole purpose of removing frictions from your daily experience of technology. By focusing on mobile first, Biggerpan brings a seamless user experience where people need it the most today. And tomorrow, think about AR, VR, and all the connected devices that will surround us. Predictive interfaces will make your interactions with technology as smooth as possible, so you’ll never feel lost again.

Our philosophy consists in making things fast, reliable and friendly, adapted to your needs and with no learning curve, because we believe technology should serve you and not the other way around. It also means that your privacy is our first concern and commitment.

Interested in what we do? We’re looking for new talent to join the team so if you thrive on exciting new challenges, feel free to drop a line to Eric, Audrey and Gregory at